Find out and identify what prevents your Mac from sleeping

Sleep Warden is tiny, native utility app that sits in your Menu Bar and shows you what app or process is preventing your Mac from going to sleep mode. At a glance, you can tell whether your system can sleep or not. Identify which processes or apps are keeping it awake with one click!

Key Features

  • Dynamic Menu Bar icon: reflects the current sleep capability state

  • Parent/child relations: shows all active assertions and associated/linked processes
    Remove from Whitelist

  • Whitelist: exclude apps from sleep state judgement

  • Persistence: your Whitelist is automatically saved and loaded when the app starts

  • Lightweight: uses a barely noticeable amount of processing power

  • Native: shipped as an Intel and Apple Silicon universal binary

  • Bloat free: does not rely on 3rd party libraries or modules

  • Privacy-first design: does not phone home or collect statistics

  • Wide range of supported platforms: from macOS 10.10 and up, 64-bit only


A list of excluded apps/process names that you trust that will let your system sleep. An initial list of known system processes is supplied as a starting point.

Adding / Removing

  • Add: click on the process/app name in the list
    Add to Whitelist

  • Remove: hover over the Whitelist menu item and click on the process/app name
    Remove from Whitelist

Native Apple Silicon & Intel support

Featured as a System Utility on Does it ARM?🦾
Full Native Apple Silicon support


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